Implementing security measures to ensure a secure and nurturing environment for your child

At Future Scholars of America, your child’s safety is our top priority. We’ve implemented a range of security measures to provide a secure and nurturing environment.

  • Entry Control: All doors are securely locked at all times. Access to the main entrance is granted through a keyless entry system for authorized parents and guardians. Our staff identifies visitors before admitting them to the facility, ensuring only authorized individuals have access.
  • Intercom System: The classrooms are equipped with intercom systems, adding an additional layer of safety and control for facility access.
  • Closed Classrooms: Each age group has a dedicated and separate classroom to offer a quiet and focused learning environment for children of the same age. This arrangement helps us maintain staff-to-child ratios effectively.
  • Surveillance: Closed-circuit TV cameras are strategically placed, both inside classrooms and in playground areas. These cameras enhance our ability to monitor and ensure the safety of all children in our care.
  • Observation Windows: Observation windows outside each classroom allow parents and guardians to check in on their child’s activities without disturbing the learning environment.
  • Open Door Policy: We welcome parents to visit our facility at any time. Our open-door policy encourages communication and ensures parents can participate in their child’s educational journey.

At Future Scholars of America, we create a secure and nurturing environment so you can have peace of mind while your child learns and grows with us.

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