What We Do Our Programs

At Future Scholars of America, we create an enriching educational experience for children, fostering their growth through high-quality childcare and development programs.

students in the school bus


Ensure your child's safe journey to and from school with our reliable transportation services. Our dedicated team takes care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on your child's education.

man watching the children while eating


From a nourishing breakfast to hot and nutritious lunch or dinner options, our diverse menu is designed to fuel your child's learning journey with balanced and delicious choices.

teacher and students looking at the clipboard

Security Features

Your child's safety is our utmost concern. That is why we implement a set of security measures to ensure a secure and nurturing environment for your child's growth and development.

mother reading a book for her child


In our Pre-Toddler Room, we create a warm and nurturing environment for your infant's early development, emphasizing positive caregiver-child interactions and age-appropriate activities.

girl counting using abacus

Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room supports your child's transition from baby to independent explorer with interactive learning, positive guidance, and a focus on developmental milestones.

children lying on the floor

Two’s Classroom

In the Two's Classroom, we provide a safe environment tailored to your child's interests and development stage, fostering exploration and hands-on learning.

children jumping

Preschool Classroom

Our Preschool Classroom offers a spacious and stimulating environment that builds self-esteem and foundational skills, preparing children for future success across various subjects.

children running

Before and After School

Our Before and After School Program provides convenient transportation, along with nutritious meals, homework assistance, and engaging activities like book clubs and arts and crafts.